When Abortion Opponents Turn Lies Into Laws, Women Pay The Price

We pay the price when abortion opponents turn lies into laws. Health care is pushed out of reach, doctors are told how to practice medicine, and women are denied the ability to make their own decisions. These laws shame, pressure, and punish women while violating rights in the process. Learn more and take action to protect abortion rights today.

Lies Are Being Turned Into Laws

The Florida Legislature, like legislatures across the South and Midwest, has enacted or tried to enact a gauntlet of restrictions that seek to shame, pressure and punish women, and block access to abortion care. For example:

Bans On Abortion

Like their counterparts in Texas and Mississippi, Florida politicians have passed a ban on abortion at an arbitrary point in pregnancy. In this state, as of July 1, 2022, that’s at 15 weeks, even though amniocentesis for fetal diagnosis until after that point. Anti-abortion politicians often used fake science – claims that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists dispute – to try and mislead Floridians.

Unnecessary Ultrasounds

In 2011, Florida politicians passed a law forcing doctors to provide and patients to undergo a mandatory, medically-unnecessary ultrasound and be offered State-produced, medically-inaccurate materials before abortion care is provided. This usurps the medical judgment of health care providers and ignores patient wishes.

Endangering Young People

Adding insult to injury, anti-abortion politicians are also targeting our young people with cruel and arbitrary restrictions. Their forced parental consent law ignores the fact that most young people do talk to their parents about their options, and those that don’t are typically facing violence or eviction if their parents find out. This is yet another example of harming those who are the most vulnerable – and politicians should be ashamed.

What Abortion Care In Florida Should Be

A large majority of people agree that when politicians turn lies into laws, it’s bad medicine and bad policy. Research conducted by the National Institute for Reproductive Health shows that more than 7 in 10 voters want a woman’s experience accessing abortion care to be respectful, supportive, affordable, available in her community, and without pressure.

Fight Back! Join the Florida movement to support abortion rights.

Let’s ensure that access to abortion is not burdened by medically unnecessary restrictions. We will join together in unprecedented numbers to protect access to comprehensive reproductive health care including abortion.