About Progress Florida Education Institute

Florida faces major challenges in the years ahead. Despite our status as the third largest state in the country, we struggle to meet the demands of a growing and dynamic population. From an underresourced public education system, to large gaps in health care access, precious land and water resources under pressure from development and much more, Florida is facing unprecedented challenges. More than a decade of policies involving tax giveaways, deregulation, and privatization have largely failed to provide a high quality of life for Floridians and build a sustainable, equitable state. The Progress Florida Education Institute (PFEI) is committed to examining a host of issues, including quality public education, health care, environmental protection, economic fairness, social justice, and much more.

We carry out our mission by providing information and analysis of key policy issues facing Floridians, from our organization and others. In addition, we seek to raise awareness regarding important issues by providing seminars and trainings to the public. Presently, the Institute's activities include:

  • Keeping Floridians Informed About Progressive Issues and Current Events. Progress Florida Education Institute provides research, alerts and media outreach to help Floridians stay current on Florida's most pressing social issues, learn about recent studies, and research and build a deeper understanding about the issues that impact Florida. We help promote and publish reports from other organizations and issue experts on timely topics such as health care reform, environmental protection, the judicial system, voting rights, and more.
  • Analyzing Policy. The Institute analyzes policy problems facing Florida in the form of briefs and reports. We evaluate existing policy with a particular focus on equity and effectiveness. We work with non-partisan community groups and research organizations to collect, analyize, and feature progressive ideas.
  • Engaging and Educating the Public. We co-sponsor trainings for local leaders interested in current issues impacting their communities. The Institute hopes to conduct more of these types of trainings in the future. If you're interested in one of these trainings, contact us. The Institute also hopes to increase the degree to which voters in Florida are educated and informed about issues that affect their lives and future. We are also working together with other charitable and educational organizations to make voter registration and the ballot more accessible and understandable to every day Floridians.