About Us

Florida faces major challenges in the years ahead. Despite our status as the third largest state in the country, we struggle to meet the demands of a growing and dynamic population. From an underresourced public education system, to large gaps in health care access, precious land and water resources under pressure from development and much more, Florida is facing unprecedented challenges. More than a decade of policies involving tax giveaways, deregulation, and privatization have largely failed to provide a high quality of life for Floridians and build a sustainable, equitable state.
Progress Florida Education Institute (PFEI) is a statewide, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that engages in research, advocacy, and public outreach to empower Floridians to better understand and impact the issues and challenges facing Florida. 
PFEI works to provide information, analysis and impactful ways to make a difference on key policy issues facing Floridians, including reproductive rights, environmental protection, and voting rights. We strive to provide Floridians like you with ways to directly and effectively participate in public education campaigns, engage opinion leaders and policy makers, and reinvigorate our democracy through voter education initiatives. We do this with rapid response online mobilization through email and social media, outreach to the media, and by working closely with Florida’s civic engagement leaders and organizations.
Founded in 2008, PFEI has a rich history of designing and implementing successful campaigns to move our state forward. For the last three years, our Florida Access to Justice Project has worked to end the influence of partisan politics and special interest money in our state court system. Since 2008, our “Save Our Shores” campaign has played a key role in safeguarding our coast from offshore drilling. In 2016, PFEI helped launch the Floridians for Reproductive Freedom Coalition, bringing together more than 50 organizations to protect and expand access to abortion and reproductive health care. 
Through the voices of Floridians like you coupled with innovative campaigns and proactive advocacy, we’re giving voice to people and issues that have for too long been ignored or undermined by those who would take our state backwards.