Register To Vote By Mail

It's never been easier to cast your ballot. Voting by mail is convenient and secure, and you’ll have the time to research and vote the entire ballot. Sign up to vote by mail right now at

Here are some benefits of voting by mail:

  • It’s fast, easy, and secure: After sending your vote by mail request to your county’s supervisor of elections through, your ballot will be mailed to your address. Simply fill out your ballot, seal it in its envelope, sign the back of the envelope, apply postage, send it in, and you’re done.

  • You’ll have time to research your ballot: Your November ballot won’t just include the big race for governor and other statewide positions. Your ballot will also include three state constitutional amendments, state legislative races, a number of local races, and in some areas local ballot initiatives. Having your ballot before Election Day gives you time to make informed decisions.

  • Stop the robocalls: Once your ballot is mailed in, most campaigns will stop calling you because you’ve voted. Of course, campaigns appreciate this too. By mailing your ballot early, they can focus precious time and resources on voters that are tougher to reach.