Write The FCC About Net Neutrality

The principle of Net Neutrality has allowed unprecedented communication, innovation, and freedom from the Internet. It's important this principle is not abandoned due to the demands of large cable companies.

Big cable wants to charge customers and businesses for faster access to certain portions of the Internet. This tiered system would effectively put an end to Internet freedom. We can’t let that happen.

Join more than 4 million Americans and tell the FCC to protect net neutrality and stop the big cable monopolies. 

Open access to the Internet has allowed unprecedented communication, innovation, and freedom. These fundamental principles must not be abandoned simply to satisfy the short-term greed of the cable monopolies and large Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

No company should be allowed to decide what specific websites you’re allowed to visit.

No cable provider should be allowed to create digital “toll booths” and throttle access.

No ISP should be able to force businesses to pay for greater access to consumers.

Net neutrality is more than an important principle for us, it’s essential to the work Progress Florida and many other advocacy organizations do. The loss of net neutrality would threaten the kind of free speech that’s allowed new concepts and ideas to enter the virtual town square the Internet provides. This is the kind of free expression that can challenge the traditional roadblocks to progress: big money, reactionary politics, and cheap cynicism.

Tell the FCC to protect net neutrality once and for all today.

President Obama recently spoke out about the need for the FCC to protect net neutrality. Specifically, he called on the FCC to classify internet services as a type of utility under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. What does that mean? Put simply, it would give the FCC the ability to enforce net neutrality and prevent big cable monopolies from inhibiting access.