Zika and abortion rights campaign launches

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Contact: Damien Filer, 850-212-1858Damien@ProgressFlorida.org

ST. PETERSBURG – Progress Florida Education Institute has launched a six-figure advertising campaign to educate the public and opinion leaders about how anti-abortion extremism is fueling the Zika crisis in Florida.

The ads, running in various outlets across the state and social media starting this week, convey a strong message that women need medical options, not political agendas.

“A pregnant woman facing a Zika diagnosis in Florida needs compassion, support, and medical options, and those options should include abortion,” said Karen Woodall, Progress Florida Education Institute advisory board member. “What she doesn't need is Florida politicians judging her, making decisions for her, and using Florida laws to force her to bring her pregnancy to term.” 

As part of the campaign, a new website has been created that presents the facts on how anti-abortion extremism is fueling the Zika crisis. The site also provides information on a range of reproductive rights and Zika related topics including access to contraception and abortion care, support for children born with disabilities, Medicaid expansion, and fetal tissue research. 

“Florida women also need support for the option of continuing their pregnancy in the face of a Zika diagnosis, and that means strong social supports for families who have children with disabilities,” continued Woodall. 

Progress Florida Education Institute believes women need the best science and research committed to a Zika vaccine and cure – not politicians who oppose promising research on political or personal grounds. 

“Florida women also need our state leaders to accept Medicaid expansion to close the health care coverage gap,” said Mark Ferrulo, Executive Director of Progress Florida Education Institute. “What they don’t need is a governor who has grandstanded over lobbying Congress for millions to fight the Zika virus when at the same time he’s left billions on the table by refusing to expand Medicaid.”

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