Make your vote count

Your vote is your voice, and in the 2024 election your vote is needed at a critical moment for the future of Florida and our country. Floridians need to stay active and engaged, and that starts with exercising the freedom to vote – which is why we teamed with Florida Watch to create a user-friendly, one-stop shop to make voting in Florida secure, convenient, and easy at and its Spanish-language sister site

At you can easily:

  • check your voter registration status
  • register to vote
  • sign up or re-sign up to VOTE BY MAIL
  • find your closest early voting location and Election Day polling place
  • get free Voter ID help
  • access a Restore Your Vote eligibility status tool for returning citizens
  • access the Election Protection Hotline, and more

If you plan to vote by mail in the 2024 Election, we encourage you to use to check your registration status right now. Many Floridians who think they’re registered to vote by mail, are currently not.

In 2021, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law a bill which made numerous unnecessary changes to Florida’s voting laws in response to Trump’s stolen election falsehoods. Among the anti-democracy changes was a requirement that forces voters to request a mail ballot every general election cycle.

This means that, if you haven’t done so already, you must re-enroll for mail voting with your county Supervisor of Elections, which we’ve made super easy at (if you already re-enrolled, great! Share this alert with family or friends who haven’t.) 

Here are some benefits to voting by mail:

  • It’s fast, easy, and secure: After using our secure website to register to vote by mail, you’ll receive your ballot approximately a month before the election. Simply fill out your ballot, seal it in its envelope, sign the back of the envelope, mail it back and you’ve voted!
  • You’ll have time to research your ballot: Your ballot won’t just include the big races for President, US Senate, and Congress, it will also include state legislative races, constitutional amendments, judges, local offices, and in some areas local ballot initiatives. Having your ballot before Election Day makes it much easier to research and make informed decisions before casting your vote.
  • Stop the robocalls and mailers: Once your ballot is mailed in, most campaigns will stop calling and mailing you because you’ve already voted. Of course, campaigns appreciate this too. By mailing your ballot early, they can focus precious time and resources on voters that are tougher to reach.

Be sure to bookmark As we get closer to casting votes, we will be updating the site to include early voting locations and Election Day polling places as they become available.

Thanks for being part of our network, and for being an informed and engaged Florida voter.