Marching For Our Lives

The March For Our Lives movement turns five this week. Born out of the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida, March For Our Lives is a courageous youth-led movement dedicated to ending the epidemic of gun violence.

To commemorate their five-year anniversary, organizers are holding rallies across the country to fight gun violence. There will be a massive mobilization in Tallahassee to urge anti-gun violence reforms and in opposition to dangerous new proposed laws like the permitless carry bill currently moving through the Florida Legislature. Can you attend?

Sign up here to join the rally against gun violence in Tallahassee on March 23rd.

It all started five years ago after 17 students and staff were brutally gunned down at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland. Millions of people, students and survivors alike, took to the streets and fought for gun safety. 

They accomplished what many thought was impossible: Florida’s Republican led Legislature and Republican Governor, in partnership with Democratic legislators, enacted a package of gun safety laws. Yet here we are five years later with Gov. DeSantis and his legislative allies actively working to undo the progress that has been made.

Join the protest at Florida’s capital and tell Gov. DeSantis enough is enough.

If it becomes law, the permitless carry bill will make Florida more dangerous, not safer. This past year alone in our country we have had 647 mass shootings, and this legislation will only make it worse. It’s no surprise more than 80% of gun owners, non-gun owners, Republicans, Democrats, and independent voters across the nation agree that high safety standards are crucial in issuing concealed carry permits, according to the John Hopkins School of Health. 

We need you to rally in Tallahassee and let Gov. DeSantis know Floridians will not stand by as he puts our lives in danger. Rally with March for Our Lives and help send a clear message – End Gun Violence Now!