Texas abortion ban filed in Florida — now we march!

Earlier this month, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed the Texas abortion ban, the most restrictive, draconian, extreme abortion law in modern American history, to go into effect.

Today in the Florida Capitol, Rep. Webster Barnaby (R-Deltona) filed HB167, a mirror of the Texas abortion ban that he and other Florida legislative leaders want to make the law of the land in our state. These attacks on reproductive freedom are a clarion call for Floridians from all walks of life to take action. 

Please join reproductive rights advocates and supporters at events happening across the state on Saturday, October 2nd. Find the event closest to you. Let’s take a stand together for reproductive health and freedom.

It is time politicians stop imposing their personal beliefs and anti-abortion views on us. March and rally wherever you are! It’s time we move forward on reproductive freedom — and that includes access to abortion.