Statement of Progress Florida Reproductive Freedom Program Director Amy Weintraub, on Gov. Ron DeSantis signing a near-total abortion ban

“Floridians from across the political spectrum, and all walks of life, have expressed in every way possible fierce opposition to having the right to control our own bodies taken away. But Gov. DeSantis and his allies have ignored public opinion and insist on inserting themselves into the exam room and the personal decisions a pregnant person should have the freedom to make themselves.

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 Marching For Our Lives

The March For Our Lives movement turns five this week. Born out of the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida, March For Our Lives is a courageous youth-led movement dedicated to ending the epidemic of gun violence.

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Banned Book of the Week: “Women Who Broke The Rules”

Gov. Ron DeSantis is out to destroy free speech in Florida. Duval County substitute teacher Brian Covey was recently fired simply for sharing a video of empty bookshelves in his classroom to draw attention to the relentless censorship of books under the DeSantis administration.

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