A Florida worth fighting for

As we prepare to gather with family and friends to give thanks and kick off the holiday season, we wanted to start by thanking our amazing Progress Florida network members and supporters like you.

Censorship in higher ed reaches new extreme

From the civil rights movement to women’s suffrage, from marriage equality to combating climate change, every societal advancement in modern history has strong ties to student activism on college campuses. Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to end that.

Banned Book of the Week: “All Boys Aren’t Blue”

George M. Johnson told PEN America they wrote All Boys Aren’t Blue as a love letter: “to write back to the 5-year-old that I was, that knew I was different, the 10-year-old that had to choose safety over happiness, the 15-year-old who simply just wanted to go to prom or date a boy, and the 21-year-old who really had to enter the world and figure it out with no resources. And so I wrote it to prevent the next me from not having representation of themselves in the world.”

Let’s talk about medication abortion

The vast majority of people across Florida and the country support abortion rights and access. There will always be a need for abortion care, and access to abortion should be available for all who need it, wherever they live – without shame or stigma. 

Banned Book of the Week: “Friday Night Lights”

Football season is in full swing, but because of new censorship laws championed by Gov. DeSantis, students are caught in the crossfire of an anti-freedom to learn agenda.  #UniteAgainstBookBans #FridayNightLights

Banned Book of the Week: “Flowers for Algernon”

As a result of new laws signed by Gov. DeSantis, Clay County has one of the highest numbers of school book bans in the U.S. Over 175 titles have been removed completely and hundreds more remain unavailable to students while under investigation. #UniteAgainstBookBans